5. Horse Tied To Rope

A horse is tied to a 15-foot rope and there is a bale of hay 25 feet away from him. The horse however is still able to eat from the hay.
How is this possible?


Answer: The rope wasn’t tied to anything.


4. How Many Penguins Went Swimming By?

At the North Pole, I happened to spy,

50 animals swimming by,

I saw 10 seals chasing their tails,

I saw 10 walruses, I saw 10 whales,

I saw 10 polar bears, me oh my!

So how many penguins went swimming by?


Answer: There will be no penguins swimming by. This is a bit of a trick question because penguins actually live in the South Pole, not the North Pole.


3. Animal Meeting

The king of the jungle is holding a meeting and all the animals have to come. When you were going to the meeting you come across a crocodile river.

How do you get to the other side of the river?


Answer: You might kick yourself if you didn’t get this answer but you simply just swim across. All the animals are at the meeting so there won’t be any crocodiles in the river.


2. Horses In His Will

A man on his deathbed informs his three sons that he will leave them his horses in his will. To his eldest son he leaves half of his horses. To his second son he leaves one third of them, and to his youngest, he leaves one ninth. After he passes away, the three sons went to get their horses, but only discovered there were 17 horses. They did not want to sell or kill any of the horses, and they could not think of a way to divide the horses exactly as their father wished. Just then their next-door neighbour came riding along on his horse and listened to their problem. Immediately the neighbour thought of a way to divide the horses just as their father had wished.


What was his easy solution?


Answer: The neighbour added his horse to the 17 horses that were left in the will for the three sons. If you are good at maths then you’ll now know that this adds up to 18 horses which means the eldest son can take half of the horses which is 9, the second son can take 6 of the horses which is equal to one third and the youngest son can take the last two remaining horses which is equal to one ninth. The neighbour can then ride off on the same horse he arrived with.


1. Tarantula Bet

One day, John and Sue were out hiking. They saw a few tarantulas on the way. This gave John an idea to win some money. “Sue,” he said, “I’ll bet you five dollars that the tarantula over there can crawl without using its own leg muscles.” Sue thought that she would win, but she didn’t.

How can this be?


Answer: If you know your science, then you’ll know that tarantulas do not use muscles to move their legs. Instead, they control the amount of blood pumped into them to extend and retract their legs.