5. A Hat of Cucumbers

Undertaker Has A Fear Of Cucumbers

Backstage The Undertaker is known as the leader of the locker-room as many WWE wrestlers point the finger at him being the boss. So, pranking him is probably out of the question unless you happen to know what the tough veteran is afraid of? Believe it or not, The Undertaker has a fear of cucumbers. Yeah… cucumbers! I’m not even kidding! I mean what can you do with a cucumber other than eat it? Actually… you know what forget I ever asked that question. Paul Bearer, who was best known for being The Undertaker’s manager, revealed The Undertaker’s fear of cucumbers in an interview. He told Jim Cornette how The Undertaker threw up all over a waffle house because of a cucumber that was floating in his iced tea. Knowing Taker’s fear of cucumbers, Bearer took it upon himself to prank The Deadman by sticking cucumber slices in his hat and gloves. I can just imagine what The Undertaker’s reaction would have been like…


4. Sable’s Cup

Sable Prank Gone Wrong

While working for the WWE, Sable was considered to be one of the hardest women to work with as she apparently had huge attitude issues and claimed credit for all the success that happened during the Attitude Era. During her final show in Wembley Stadium, X-Pac decided to teach Sable a lesson by leaving a “special” gift in her travel bag. X-Pac defecated into a cup and placed it into Sable’s bag. It was only until Sable was past customs, the airplane and ride home that she found out about X-Pac’s “gift.” She even contemplated carrying out a DNA test on the faeces as she did not know where it came from. The next time X-Pac thinks of pulling a stunt like this again he’ll have Brock Lesnar to answer to.


3. Mark Henry’s Sandwich

Mark Henry Eating Poop Filled Sandwich Prank

When Mark Henry was first starting out in the WWE he wasn’t liked backstage perhaps due to WWE offering him a 10-year contract with very high wages. At the time of being pranked, Henry had a broken leg and was on crutches. After witnessing Mark Henry lose his temper on some wrestlers after they jokingly hid his crutches before he went to the bathroom, this gave X-Pac and Owen Hart the idea to set up a little prank on Henry, maybe one that went too far in my opinion because it’s not pretty let’s just say! X-Pac took a footlong sandwich that Henry was planning to eat at lunch and filled it with his own faeces. Seriously, what’s up with X-Pac sh*t#ng in everything? The worst part about this prank is that Mark Henry actually took a bite out of the sandwich which immediately caused him to vomit in the bathroom. Soon after the prank took place Owen Hart told Henry that Vince McMahon wanted to see him. Poor Henry who was on crutches took a trip around the entire arena to only find out that Mr McMahon wasn’t even in the arena.


2. Coach Arrested

Jonathan Coachman WWE Arrested Prank By Vince McMahon

When it comes down to what’s best for business, Vince McMahon leaves no prisoners. His ruthless decision making and intimidating presence is often felt when meeting face to face with him so when there is a prank involved, Vince McMahon is the last person you would point the finger to being the culprit. But not in Jonathan Coachman’s case! In a Smackdown taping in Carolina back in 2001, Jerry Brisco convinced Jonathan Coachman to start a fantasy football pool for $10 per wrestler which he agreed to do unbeknownst of the consequences that he would face later on. A short while later, Coach was greeted by two police officers who had information that he was running a gambling pool, which is a felony in Carolina. He was arrested and taken to Vince’s office where he was yelled at by the Chairman who accused Coach of being unprofessional. The officers told him that $1,500 could get him out, however, Mr McMahon refused and threw a pair of sweaty gym shorts for Coach to cover his face. The two officers then proceeded to escort the handcuffed Coach out of the building and drove him around for 10 minutes before returning back to the arena stating that they had forgotten something. Much to the surprise of Coach, he was greeted by everyone including The Chairman having the laugh of their lives as all of this was a prank set up by yours truly, Vincent Kennedy McMahon!


1. Napkin Sell

Edge Sells Napkin Hit From Owen Hart Funny Prank

Something about this next prank is just so funny to imagine and it involves Owen Hart, Edge and a napkin. Before Owen Hart’s unfortunate death in 1999, he was known for being a big prankster backstage. He pranked many superstars such as: Bret Hart, Lex Luger, Jim Ross, Michael Cole, Harley Race, Edge, Val Venis and even The Chairman Vince McMahon. But the prank we will be focusing on is his prank he did to Edge. During a tag team match between Edge and Christian vs Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett, Owen Hart hid a “foreign” object under his armpit and took it out to use it on Edge now and again. Edge being Edge sold the hit as if he’d been smacked on the head with a steel chair despite not knowing what the object was. Later in the match, the referee would ask Owen to raise his arm and show him what he was using and it was at this moment Edge knew, he f*c#@d up! Poor Edge was selling the fact that he had gotten hit repeatedly with a napkin… a napkin!