5. Marijuana Farm

50-year-old, Curtis W. Croft was bragging about the marijuana that he was growing on his farm in Oregon. Croft was registered to grow marijuana for medical purposes for up to five people meaning he could grow 30 marijuana plants at 6 plants per patient. However, after police inspected Croft’s property using Google Earth, they discovered that Croft was 420-blazing it in that he had 94 weed crops as opposed to 30, three times more than he was legally allowed to grow and enough for Snoop Dog to smoke in one day. We don’t know why Croft’s needed 64 extra marijuana plants but we can only speculate that he was hoping to make ‘high’ profits. Regardless, Croft was arrested on drug charges but was later released.


4. Drug Dealing

A Google street view car inadvertently captured a group of drug dealers loitering on a corner of a street in Brooklyn, New York. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the group were selling heroin that was stuffed into glassine envelopes stamped with brand names, such as “Fed Ex” and “KFC”. Finger lickin’ good, alright! The street view image led to the arrests of seven individuals, each of them charged with the “criminal sale of a controlled substance in or near school grounds” and the “criminal sale of a controlled substance in the third degree.” It must be an embarrassing feeling having to explain that you were caught thanks to Google Earth but having said that, the group were DOPEy enough to sell drugs in plain view.


3. Indecent Exposure

Many weird and creepy street images have been found on Google Earth; some pre-planned and others not. On some occasions, a Google street car may capture images that we wish we never saw including a sexual encounter in a back alley in Manchester, England. A woman wearing leopard-print leggings can be seen pleasuring a man with his pants down in public whilst also trying to keep look-out. However, they failed to spot the Google street view car that was driving right past them as it captured the sexual act. After the image surfaced online, Google blurred the image and then went on to delete it for good. Luckily for the two, no arrests were made as they could have faced charges of indecent exposure among others.


2. Man Points Gun At Google Car

Man Points Gun At Google Car

In a neighbourhood in Detroit, a group of young people were spotted outside the front porch of a house, one of them holding what appeared to be a shotgun. As the Google car drove past, one of the members of the group, a young man wearing shorts, proceeded to point the gun towards the car and continued pointing until the car was totally out of sight. Bizarrely, the young man was not charged with anything as he had the legal right to bear arms on private property, however, his uncle, who is his adult supervisor, was arrested but soon released. What makes this image more ominous is the fact that a few years after the image was captured, the body of a one-year-old girl was found under a pile of clothes in a wardrobe in that very house.


1. Body Of A Murdered Teenager

Dead Body Found On Google Maps

A disturbing find on Google Earth saw the crime scene of a teenage boy, whose body was found dead alongside a set of railroad tracks in Richmond, California. The body was identified as 14-year-old, Kevin Barrera, who was fatally shot and left for dead. The area where the 14-year-old was killed is known to be a hotspot for homicides as several people are killed every month. The satellite image was found three years after Kevin was killed and unfortunately provided no use to police but only served as a haunting reminder to the boy’s father, who requested for the image to be taken down from Google Maps. Google has since removed the image and still to this day, the boy’s killer has not been found.