Yes, these are actual street names believe it or not. Try not to laugh or grin, I challenge you.


5. No Name Street

No Name Street

That’s right, a street with no name. Well, technically it does have a name…. You get the point. There are several streets out there with no name. But this one, in particular, is a street in Turnersville, New Jersey.


4. Chicken Dinner Road

Chicken Dinner Road

Yes, that is an actual street name! I wonder who came up with that. It must have been someone who really enjoys a chicken dinner. The road is located in Caldwell, Idaho in the United States of America. These Americans sure know how to make a street name sound weird.


3. Giggetty Lane

Giggetty Lane

Giggetty Lane is a street located in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire in England. For all you Family Guy fans, I am sure this street will have the approval from Glenn Quagmire. 


2. Butt Hole Road

Butt Hole Road

Butt Hole Road is a former name of a street in the town of Conisbrough, in Doncaster, England. It gained international notoriety for its suggestive naming, as the term, “butt hole” is slang for, “anus”. Consequently, the street was a popular attraction for Tourists who would often stop and pose for photographs. Residents living on the street experienced lots of issues with their address, including being refused of services due to the name of the street. Eventually, residents of Butt Hole Road gathered together, privately raising funds to have the street name changed, and gained approval from the local authorities due to being subject to many pranks and jokes. As of 2009, residents successfully managed to change the street name to Archers Way, a reference to a Medieval Castle just half a mile away.


1. Penis Road

Penis Road

Try saying this aloud without laughing. Have you managed to do it? Whoever named this road must have been a dick! In all seriousness, there is limited information regarding the location of this street or whether it is genuine or not. If Butt Hole Road wasn’t traumatising enough for the residents, imagine the pain of the residents living in Penis Road.