5. Eric Smith

Eric Smith Murders Derrick Robie

Eric Smith was just 13-years old when he committed murder. On the 2nd of August, 1993, Eric Smith was riding his bike to a summer camp when he noticed 4-year old Derrick Robie walking alone to that same summer camp. He approached Robie and lured him into the woods. Smith strangled Robie, smashed a large rock on his head, undressed Robie and sodomized him with a tree limb. Smith claimed in his 2014 parole hearing that he inserted the stick in order to ensure death but Robie’s death was determined to be blunt trauma to the head with contributing asphyxia. Eric Smith was arrested for his horrific crime and was convicted of second-degree murder. He was sentenced to the maximum term then available for juvenile murderers – a minimum of nine years to life in prison. He contributed his actions to having been bullied by older children in high school and by his own father and sister. He confessed that he took out his rage on Robie and was worried that Robie might tell on him so he killed him. Smith is still in prison to this day.


4. John Venables and Robert Thompson

Jon Venables and Robert Thompson Murders James Bulger

On the 12th February, 1993, a two-year old toddler by the name of James Bulger was savagely beaten to death by two 10-year old boys at the time, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson. This case caused great public outcry as Venables and Thompson became the youngest convicted murderers in the UK. CCTV surveillance showed the two boys scouring and observing children, apparently selecting a target. When they fixed their eyes on two-year old James Bulger, the two boys took him out of the shopping centre while Bulger’s mother was momentarily distracted. What followed next was a sickening beating. Venables and Thompson dropped Bulger on his head early on their 2-and-a-half-mile journey. When the two boys arrived at the rail tracks they began torturing James Bulger. The two boys threw paint in the toddler’s left eye, kicked and stomped on him, threw bricks and stones at him and dropped an iron bar on his head. Venables and Thompson then laid the beaten toddler across the railway tracks in the hope that a train would hit him and make his death appear to be an accident. A train did hit Bulger and ripped his body in half. The abduction was seen by 38 witnesses but none of them intervened.  The two boys were imprisoned until they were 18. They were released on parole under new identities.


3. David Brom

David Brom Murders Entire Family With Axe

David Brom grew up in Minnesota to a Catholic family and was only 16 years old when he committed multiple murders. In February 1988, David Brom killed his parents, brother and sister with an axe. It was believed that Brom’s motive for his killings stemmed from a fight he had with his father over the songs he listened to. He recalled how he hit his dad with an axe. He kept on hitting him with an axe and his dad kept on getting up. He then went into his mother’s room and hit her with an axe and then went to his brother’s room. Lastly, he saw his sister standing over their mother in the hallway, at which point he attacked them both. These cold-hearted callous crimes resulted in Brom being convicted of first-degree murder. He was given three consecutive life sentences which he is still serving to this day.


2. Kipland Kinkel

Kipland Kinkel Murders Parents Shoots And Thurston High School

At the age of just 15, Kipland Kinkel, a student in Thurston High School in Oregon was expelled for being in possession of a loaded stolen handgun that he had bought of a friend. Kinkel and his friend were arrested and released from police custody on charge of possession of a stolen firearm. Kinkel was told by his father that he would be sent to military school if he did not change his behaviour. After hearing this news, Kinkel proceeded to retrieve his .22 rifle from his bedroom. He came back downstairs and went into the kitchen where he father was sitting drinking coffee and he shot him in the back of the head. He waited for his mother to come home and then shot her twice in the back of her head, three times in the face and once in the heart after telling her that he loved her. Kinkel then rigged the house with explosives. On the 21st of May 1998, the day after Kinkel’s expulsion and murder of his parents, Kinkel who was fully armed approached Thurston High School and started opening fire in the patio area and cafeteria. He killed 2 students and injured 25 others before seven students intervened and disarmed Kinkel while he was reloading. He was arrested immediately by police and was sentenced to 111 years in prison with no chance of parole.

1. Edmund Kemper

Edmund Kemper Murders Grandparents, Mother And 8 Women College Students

As a teenager Edmund Kemper was already showing signs of a sociopath. He had an exceptionally high IQ, an interest in torturing animals and a deeply troubling relationship with his mother. At the age of just 15, Kemper fatality shot and killed both of his grandparents, claiming later on that he only did this to see what it felt like to kill grandma. He was sent to Atascadero State Hospital, a maximum-security facility for mentally ill convicts for his heinous crimes. At the age of 21, he was released but his crimes did not stop there. Kemper went on to murder eight women including his own mother, whom he decapitated and then used her head as a dart board. He would often take his victims’ lifeless bodies back to his home and would engage in necrophilia. He was branded as the “Co-ed Killer” and the “Co-ed Butcher.” And due to his size and intelligence (standing at 6ft 9, weighing over 300lbs and with an IQ of about 140) his victims didn’t stand a chance. Edmund Kemper confessed to his crimes and turned himself in. He was charged with eight counts of first-degree murder and received eight concurrent life sentences. When asked by the judge what he thought his punishment should be, Kemper said that he should be tortured to death.