5. Changing Centimetres To Metres

Changing Centimetres To Metres Funny Answer

Changing centimetres to metres is a pretty standard conversion to do. All you need to do is divide by 100. However, this confused student, let’s just say, thought the answer was to “take out centi.” Let’s try out this theory, if we take the number 10. 10 centimetres, remove the “centi” and we have… 10 metres. Yep don’t worry kid that method certainly works… I mean 10 metres is close to 0.1 metres. Yeah…. Don’t worry about it!


4. Expanding Algebra

Expanding Algebra Funny

According to this exam paper, Peter (the person who sat this exam) had a question to expand an algebra term. Algebra can be a pain sometimes as a lot of us will know. However, the funny thing is that Peter “literally” expanded the algebra term. As amusing as this is, the teacher clearly didn’t find funny as you can see the teacher writing the message, “Very funny Peter.”


3. Name 6 Arctic Animals

Polar Bear

Can you name six arctic animals? Clearly this person could not. But I thought it was pretty funny how this person answered with two polar bears and four seals. This person also clearly cannot do basic maths as the person wrote three before crossing it out and putting four instead. Surely this person could’ve answered with something like: polar bears, reindeers, seals, puffins, sea otters and walruses. There’s your six arctic animals. It’s not that hard…


2. Chinese Letter

Chinese Letter Funny Answer

This student had the task of writing a letter, assuming to take the role as a Chinese Immigrant in 1870. This student had to write a letter describing the immigrant’s experiences and contributions and experiences in the West. Little did the teacher know that this student took his role literally and wrote the whole letter in traditional Chinese. What a smartass!


1. Classifying Living Things

Science Of Classifying Things Funny Answer
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What do we call the science of classifying living things? Taxonomy perhaps? Well, this funny student thought that the answer was racism. I wonder what the examiner thought of the student’s answer. Well, I guess Biology isn’t his thing.