You never know what could could go wrong in WWE and these 5 embarrassing nip slips show just that.


5. Brie Bella’s Nip Slip


During a MizTV segment promoting the reality TV show, Total Divas on an episode of RAW in 2013, I think we all experienced what was “Brie Mode”. In the closing stages of the segment, Brie Bella got a little too excited for the premiere of Total Divas or at least her left nipple did as it slipped out of her dress and became exposed to thousands upon thousands of people watching at home and in the audience. She took to Twitter about her embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, saying “I apologize 4 my wardrobe malfunction I’m embarrassed & it looks as though the humidity made my tape come off You’ll never see that again! B”.


4. Nikki Bella’s Nip Slip


From one twin to another, Nikki Bella had an equally embarrassing nip slip that happened during a live episode of RAW, almost a year after her sister’s. During this time, Nikki Bella’s sister, Brie was in a heated feud with Stephanie McMahon and because of this, Nikki was often subject to handicap matches as punishment. One of those matches was a 4-on-1 handicap match which saw Nikki Bella get savagely beaten up before getting rolled out of the ring. While wincing in pain, her left nipple became momentarily exposed to millions of people watching at home and in the audience. Both of the Bellas’ experienced the same wardrobe malfunction in the same region almost a year apart from each other… it must be a twin thing.


3. Lita’s Nip Slip


After winning the WWE Championship for the first time in his career, Edge decided to celebrate by engaging in “hot, unbridled sex” with Lita in the middle of the ring. The two undressed and engaged in foreplay before slipping under the duvet cover of the bed. As Edge and Lita were ‘rustling’ under the bed cover, part of the cover came off revealing one of Lita’s bare naked breasts to which the cameraman quickly pans away upon realising. They could well have made love under the cover but I would rather not know. The segment attracted huge TV ratings, the highest RAW rating in over a year at the time. I wonder why… I really do wonder why…


2. Stephanie McMahon’s Nip Slip


Stephanie McMahon has had a fair share of nip slips in the past including when Triple H pushed her to the mat during their wedding ceremony. However, perhaps her most embarrassing and recognised wardrobe malfunction has to be when she was nearly pedigreed on an announce table. Stephanie McMahon made the mistake of wearing a low-cut top without a bra on so when Triple H set her up in position for a pedigree with her arms pinned behind her back, she could only watch in horror as one of her breasts slipped from out her top before Jericho rescued the embarrassing situation by interfering.


1. Jacqueline’s Nip Slip


To call this a “nip slip” is a bit of an understatement. In fact, Jacqueline was left fully topless live on air at a UK only pay-per-view event back in 1998. Whether it was scripted or not is unclear but it was the Attitude Era after all. Jacqueline had her shirt ripped off by Sable as she was sitting on the referee’s shoulder, which exposed her bare ample chest to the whole audience and viewers at home. This was not the only instance where Jacqueline experienced a nip slip. When she faced off against Sable in a bikini contest at Fully Loaded in 1998, viewers got a bit more than they bargained for when her right breast popped out from her bikini towards the end of the dance.