A photo is used to capture memories, however, these memories could be your last…


5. Jet Ski Over Niagara Falls

Jet Ski Over Niagara Falls

On October 1st 1995, 39-year-old, Robert Overacker attempted to Jet Ski off Niagara Falls in a stunt to raise awareness for the homeless. Overacker’s jet ski was decorated with stickers that read “Save the homeless” and he equipped himself with a life preserver and a rocket-propelled parachute which he planned to use to lift himself clear off his jet ski so he could glide down safely. However, as Overacker approached the brink of the waterfall, his rocket-propelled parachute failed to deploy and the moment this happened was captured on camera. Overacker plummeted to his death, making him the fifth person to be taken by the falls.


4. Killer Snapshot

Filipino Man Captures Killer On Camera

Filipino politician, Reynaldo Dagsa was taking a New Year’s Day family photo of his wife, daughter and mother-in-law when he snapped a photo that would be his last. He inadvertently captured a gunman pointing a gun directly at him as well as another man acting as a lookout. Just seconds after the photo was taken the gunman fired two shots at Dagsa, hitting him in the forearm and chest. The shots were muffled by the sound of fireworks and Dagsa’s family only realised something was wrong after Dagsa fell to the ground. Dagsa was rushed to a nearby hospital, however, was pronounced dead. The gunman and his suspected accomplices were later arrested after Dagsa’s family presented police with the chilling family photo.


3. Air France Flight 4590 Last Photo


On the 25th July 2000, Air France Flight 4590 was scheduled to fly from Paris to New York, however, upon take-off the Concorde aircraft ran over some debris on the runway causing its fuel tank to rupture and burst into flames. This photo (shown above) was captured as the Concorde aircraft took-off with flames clearly visible on the bottom of the left wing. Sadly, all 109 people on-board including all crew members died when the Concorde aircraft crashed into a nearby hotel in Gonesse. Four people were also killed on the ground and one was left critically injured. This was the only fatal Concorde accident in its entire 27-year operational history.


2. Unsung Hero Dave Sanders’ Last Photo

This was the last photo (shown above) of William “Dave” Sanders, a teacher at Columbine High School who was a victim of the 1999 Columbine High School massacre which saw a total of 15 people killed including the perpetrators themselves. In the security picture, Sanders can be seen warning hundreds of students in the school’s cafeteria that a shooting was taking place. Sanders then headed upstairs in order to warn other students, however, was met by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two perpetrators. Sanders turned and started to run in the opposite direction, however, was shot in the back, neck and torso by Harris. Sadly, Sanders later died of blood loss but thanks to his heroic efforts, he saved hundreds of lives as the whole cafeteria was evacuated before the shooters arrived.


1. Japan Airlines Flight 123 Recovered Photo

Known to be the deadliest single-aircraft accident in history, this is a recovered photo (shown above) from Japan Airlines Flight 123 taken 32 minutes before the plane crashed near Mount Osutaka. A total of 520 people on-board including all crew members perished on that fateful day on the 12th August 1985; there were just 4 survivors. Just 12 minutes into the flight, the plane suffered an explosive decompression which caused the cabin pressure to lower and so emergency oxygen for passengers were deployed, as shown in the photo. 32 minutes following this, the plane became uncontrollable and crashed into the mountain. It is believed that some survived the initial crash, however, due to massive delays in the rescue effort, only four managed to survive.