5. No Direct Heirs Shall Travel By Plane Together

No Direct Heirs Shall Travel By Plane Together

Whether or not the Royal Children are aware of this rule, it has always been protocol in the British Royal Family that no direct heirs shall travel by plane together.

Since Prince George is the first child of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, he is third in line to the throne, and his sister, Princess Charlotte is fourth in line to the throne.

Since the Royal Children are direct heirs to the throne, they are not allowed to travel together.

The only exception to this rule was made in 2002, which allowed Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry to travel back together from their skiing holiday due to the death of The Queen’s mother.

Although you may have seen Prince William and his son, Prince George travelling together by plane that’s because he is still so young.

However, once Prince George turns 12, the rule will be strictly enforced making him no longer able to share a flight with his father.

The rule serves to protect the royal lineage should anything happen to the plane.


4. Learn Multiple Languages

As a member of the British Royal Family, language and culture is very important as the Royals spend a lot of their time travelling the world and meeting new people.

Many of the Royal Family are multilingual.

The Queen can speak French fluently, her husband Prince Phillip can speak French and German, Prince Charles can speak Welsh and German, Prince William can also speak French and Welsh and Prince Harry can speak Arabic.

So, it’s no surprise that the Royal Children are expected to follow in their family’s footsteps and learn multiple languages in hopes that they become fluent or fluent enough to understand and communicate with someone.

In fact, Prince George and Princess Charlotte have already started learning Spanish at a young age, and Prince George already knows his numbers.


3. No Presents On Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, most children are used to getting up very early and opening their presents, however, for the Royal Family they have their own Christmas tradition.

The Royal Children must open their presents on Christmas Eve at The Queen’s Sandringham Estate with the presents being displayed in the Red Drawing Room.

This tradition dates back to the 16th century and is stemmed from a German tradition that the Royal Family has followed for years.

However, when Kate Middleton joined the Royal Family she no longer followed the Royal Family Christmas tradition.

She wanted her children to celebrate a “normal” Christmas so when Prince George arrived, she broke the Royal Family Christmas tradition by spending Christmas with her parents and siblings.

It was rumoured that The Queen wasn’t too happy about this the first time it happened.


2. Cannot Play Monopoly

The Royal Children have a lot of strict rules that they must follow such as: having good etiquette, good posture, a dress code but the weirdest rule and perhaps funniest rule that they must follow is that they are not allowed to play the board game, Monopoly.

When visiting Leeds Building Society’s newly-refurbished Albion Street headquarters in 2008, Prince Andrew revealed that the Royal Family are not allowed to play Monopoly at home as it gets too vicious.

The game is known to cause arguments between family members so they just banned the game from their household to avoid any unnecessary conflict.

This means Prince George and Princess Charlotte may never ever get the opportunity to play the classic board game.


1. Stop Eating When The Queen Is Finished

There is a rule that is enforced by The Queen which states that everyone must stop eating (regardless if they are finished or not) when The Queen is done eating. But it gets worse…

According to former Royal chef Darren McGrady, The Queen is “not a foodie” so trying to finish your meal before The Queen does must be quite the challenge for the Royal Family!

I can’t imagine how The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge must feel when trying to get Prince George and Princess Charlotte to eat their meals before The Queen does because in reality, kids don’t always eat what they are given and when they do they need a lot of convincing by then it’s too late!