5. Ric Flair

Ric Flair Blood Blading Job

Ric Flair has been involved in numerous matches throughout his career, many of which have involved Flair spilling a lot of blood. A great example is when Ric Flair was up against Triple H in a steel cage match at Taboo Tuesday in 2005. Ric Flair’s face started bleeding profusely after just three minutes into the match. Both competitors were covered in blood by the end of the match with Ric Flair taking the victory. Another good example is Flair’s match against Randy Savage at WrestleMania 8. Going against the policy at the time, Flair and Savage decided to do a blade job to create a more of a memorable moment. However, Flair’s blade job was caught on camera, leading Flair to receive a hefty fine from the WWF. These are just a few matches out of many. Flair has bladed so much throughout his 40-year long career so it’s a real surprise how Flair hasn’t got any long-lasting damage to his forehead unlike the other wrestlers on this list.


4. D-Von Dudley

D-Von Dudley Forehead Scars Blading

D-Von Dudley is best known for competing in the WWE and ECW as a tag team under the name, The Dudley Boyz. He fought in many bloody matches in the hardcore promotion ECW, particularly when The Dudley Boyz fought against The Gangstas. You know there is going to be blood involved when you are fighting New Jack… Although there are many other wrestlers who bladed far more often than D-Von did, the results of when D-Von bladed were far more significant. This has left D-Von with scars that can be seen on his forehead due to his bad blading jobs. D-Von actually recalled his wife saying that: “He’d be so handsome if it weren’t for those ugly scars.”


3. Carlos Colon Sr.

Carlos Colon Forehead Scars Blading Job Botched

Father of former WWE wrestler Carlito and current WWE wrestler Primo, WWE Hall of Famer Carlos Colon Sr. is a Puerto Rican wrestler who founded the World Wrestling Council, a well-respected wrestling promotion in Puerto Rico. He appeared in the WWWF as it was known back then once in December 1967 and made a one-night return to the WWF in 1993, making an appearance in the Royal Rumble. But it was in the WWC where most of his bloody battles were fought against his arch enemy Abdullah the Butcher. In fact, Colon is quoted as saying: “Eighty percent of the blood I’ve shed in the ring I’ve shed because of Abdullah.” His many bad blade jobs have resulted in permanent horizontal scars that can be seen across Colon’s forehead.


2. Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes Forehead Scars Bad Blading Job

The American Dream Dusty Rhodes is best remembered as a fun loving good guy who battled the likes of The Million Dollar Man and Randy Savage in the WWF alongside his valet Sapphire. As well as the WWF, he fought in many other wrestling promotions such as: NWA, Jim Crockett Promotions, WCW and even ECW. He competed in several thrilling violent matches over the years with the likes of Ric Flair, Terry Funk and Abdullah the Butcher. However, all the blood Dusty has lost from his matches did leave him with consequences as he was left with permanent scars that can be seen above his eyebrow. Nevertheless, Dusty did not really care about his physique as he was billed as “the son of a plumber” so I’m pretty sure he wasn’t too bothered by the scarring above his eyebrow.


1. Abdullah The Butcher

Abdullah The Butcher Scars On Forehead Bad Blading Job

WWE Hall of Famer, Abdullah the Butcher was a big mean hardcore fighter who was known for jabbing his victims with a rusty dinner fork. Although Abdullah the Butcher never actually wrestled in the WWE, I still included him on this list as he is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame class. His international reputation as The Madman from the Sudan meant that he fought many battles with every legend in nearly every promotion except for the WWE. He also has a reputation for being involved in some of the most violent and bloody hardcore wrestling matches of all time. These bloody matches resulted in his forehead becoming carved so deep with scars due to an excessive use of blading throughout his career. In fact, his scars are said to be so deep that Mick Foley himself said that you are able to put gambling chips into them.