Facts of the Day #35

5 Facts of the Day #35

1. “Schmeat” is meat grown in a lab and derived from real animal cells. It is valued at around $338,000 per piece. 2. In a 2008 survey, 58% of British teenagers thought Sherlock Holmes was a real person, while 20% thought Winston Churchill was not. 3. Tears of joy, tears of happiness and other types […]

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CM Punk

Is CM Punk Wrestling Again?

Is CM Punk making a return to professional wrestling? A few years back, CM Punk walked out of the WWE primarily due to health reasons and has since delved into the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, which has been very tough for him. There have been many rumours surrounding CM Punk making an appearance at […]

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5 Facts of the Day #33

1. The probability of you drinking a glass of water that contains a molecule of water that also passed through a dinosaur is 100%. 2. Dogs can see sadness in humans and often attempt to make their owners happy by cuddling. 3. There is a pill that makes farts smell like chocolate. 4. Broccoli and […]

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Vince McMahon Thinks Very Highly On This RAW Superstar

It is being reported that Vince McMahon thinks very highly on one RAW Superstar… and no, it’s not Roman Reigns. According to WrestleVotes, that Superstar is Drew McIntyre. The Chairman as well as the COO, Triple H, is said to be “heavily involved” in Drew McIntyre’s booking. McIntyre made his main roster return on RAW, […]

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5 Facts of the Day #31

1. The Nazis were the first people in modern history to start an anti-smoking campaign. 2. There is an uninhabited island in the Bahamas called “Pig Beach” which is populated by… you guessed it… pigs, but not just any pig, swimming pigs. 3. Catnip is ten-times more effective at repelling mosquitoes than DEET (main substance in insect […]

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Titus O’ Neil To Be A Marvel Character?

Titus O’ Neil broke the internet with his hilarious slip at the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia. But, it seems like Titus O’ Neil has other plans as he teased a possible Marvel character role in a recent tweet. In the tweet he mentions of a lifelong goal to slim down from […]

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5 Facts of the Day #29

1. People produce enough saliva in their lifetime to fill a swimming pool.   2. Around 10,000 people died during the 1920-1933 Prohibition in the United States. The government poisoned alcohol, which led to so many deaths. 3. King Leonidas was actually around 60 years old when he fought and died at the Battle of […]

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School Riddles

5 School Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind

What do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested? A teacher… now, I’ve probably offended every teacher on the planet.   5. What Gets Whiter When Dirtier What gets whiter the dirtier it gets? Answer: A chalkboard.   4. School Bus Riddle Which direction is the school bus travelling? […]

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Former WWE Superstar Making Impact! Wrestling Debut

“Can you handle this” news? Former WWE wrestler and Cruiserweight Champion, Rich Swann has signed a contract with Impact! wrestling and is set to make his debut on the June 1st and June 2nd tapings in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Swann found some success in the WWE Cruiserweight Division, winning the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Swann was […]

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5 Facts of the Day #27

1. “Ithyphallophobia” is a morbid fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis.   2. 1 in 8 Americans has worked at a McDonald’s restaurant.   3. Tuvulu was paid $50 million (half of the Country’s GDP) for the rights to the .tv internet domain.   4. Buzz Aldrin is the first man […]

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