Palm Of Hand

Looks like part of a scrotum. Is it a scrotum though? Do you want it to be a scrotum? Should I stop going on about scrotums? If you answered the palm of your hand, then you are correct! Well done!




How about this image? Not the clearest of images I know but that just gives you a proper challenge. If you answered a breast, then you are correct! You can just make out that it is the bottom part of the breast.



Belly Button

I’ll be impressed if you can guess this image correctly! I’ll give you a hint, it is present in the lower half of your body. Yes, it’s exactly what you are thinking of. No it’s not a vagina, it’s a belly button.




How about this image? I’ll give you a clue, it is not a hairy pair of boobs. C’mon I know that’s what you were thinking… If you guessed a chin, then what a guess because that is the correct answer.




Let me help you out on this image. A male has got one (it’s 2016 so maybe that’s not the best clue to give). It can range in different sizes. A 1-inch wonder to a 10-inch anaconda. No it’s not a throw off clue, it is actually a penis.




This image is quite shiny don’t you think? No it’s not Kim Kardashian’s arse… I’ll give you another guess. It’s a prominent feature of a face. If you said a nose, then well done because that is the right answer!




Last but not least, this image has a hole. I’ve showed a penis; I’ve showed a boob so surely this has to be the arse right? Well if you said the bum, then I’m afraid it’s incorrect. However, if you said the ear, then you are correct and not dirty minded. Well done!