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5 Tweets That Got People Fired

Be careful what you tweet as your employer might well be reading through…   5. Accidental Chrysler Tweet A contractor for the automobile company, Chrysler, made a rather costly mistake after he released a tweet poking fun at Detroit drivers on Chrysler’s official twitter account. Detroit is known as “The Motor City” and while stuck […]

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Man Falls Through Skyscraper

5 Most Stupid Deaths Ever

5. Stab-Proof Jacket? A 33-year-old man from Leicester, England was found dead in his home with multiple stab wounds to his chest. It was initially suspected that he was killed by an attacker, however, there was no evidence to support this. Not only this but the 33-year-old man had no suicidal intentions. So how was […]

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Can You Recognise The Body Part From Close Up?

1. Looks like part of a scrotum. Is it a scrotum though? Do you want it to be a scrotum? Should I stop going on about scrotums? If you answered the palm of your hand, then you are correct! Well done!   2. How about this image? Not the clearest of images I know but […]

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Riddles That Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

Riddles That Will Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

What is at least 6-inches long, goes in your mouth and is best used when you move it around? Toothbrush. Every man has one and it come in lots of different sizes. Sometimes it drips a little if you are not careful. Blowing them, feels really good! What is it? Nose. What starts with “p”, […]

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Cheating Ex

Funny Ways People Got Revenge On Their Cheating Exes

“My husband cheated on me so I rubbed his underwear in Poison Ivy to make him think he has herpes.” I guess that rubbed him up the wrong way. “I got caught by my ex boyfriend’s mom slashing his couch with a knife. When I told her he cheated she said, “slash his tyres too.”” […]

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Dog Smoking

5 Weirdest Laws You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

There are so many crazy laws out there that are just a little bit strange, only a little bit. Here are a few of them as we take a look at 5 Weirdest Laws In The World.   5. It is illegal to flush the toilet after 10pm in Switzerland According to the Swiss Homeowner’s Society […]

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5 Funniest Donald Trump-Inspired Products

5. Donald Trump Toilet Seat If Donald Trump doesn’t secure a seat in the White House, at least there will be a seat for him in the bathroom. A bathroom fixture company in Shenzhen South China, known as Shenzhen Trump Industries, have actually created a Trump toilet seat, however, not just any old toilet seat […]

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5 Weird Japanese Inventions That Actually Exist

Love popping bubble wrap and wish the experience couldn’t end? The Japanese have you covered…   5. Never Ending Bubble Wrap Let’s be honest, we all love to pop bubble wrap, who doesn’t? You can prolong your satisfaction for popping bubbles on a sheet of bubble wrap for eternity with this amazing Japanese invention, known […]

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Worst Tattoo

Top 5 Worst Drunken Tattoos

There have been so many stupid tattoos out there but when you are drunk, that’s a completely different story…   5. Woman Who Woke Up With A Penis Tattooed On Her Back This is a classic all-time favourite prank to pull off on your friends if they have had a few too many to drink. […]

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5 Funniest Street Names

5 Funniest Street Names

Yes, these are actual street names believe it or not. Try not to laugh or grin, I challenge you.   5. No Name Street That’s right, a street with no name. Well, technically it does have a name…. You get the point. There are several streets out there with no name. But this one, in particular, […]

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