Floyd Mayweather Secrets EXPOSED

5 Secrets You Might Not Know About Floyd Mayweather

5. Unusual Habits Many of you might already know that Floyd Mayweather is rich. And when I say rich, that is a big understatement. Mayweather has a net worth of around $340 million and has been named Forbes’ highest paid athlete of 2012, 2014 and 2015. But what you may not know is what Mayweather […]

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5 Crazy Ideas That Worked Out Fine

5. Tokyo Train Stations In Tokyo, Japan there was a serious problem with suicides in train stations. So, the Japanese government had the crazy idea to install blue street lights in train stations in hopes that this will decrease the amount of suicides based on studies they had read. Professor Tsuneo Suzuki at Keio University […]

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5 Crimes Caught On Google Earth

5. Marijuana Farm 50-year-old, Curtis W. Croft was bragging about the marijuana that he was growing on his farm in Oregon. Croft was registered to grow marijuana for medical purposes for up to five people meaning he could grow 30 marijuana plants at 6 plants per patient. However, after police inspected Croft’s property using Google […]

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Most Dangerous Roads

5 Most Dangerous Roads In The World

5. Highway 1, Afghanistan Highway 1, also known as “A01” or “Ring Road” is a road network that connects many of the major cities in Afghanistan but it is the Kabul-Jalalabad highway, running between the country’s capital, Kabul and Jalalabad that is the most dangerous. What’s dangerous about this stretch of road is that it […]

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Boy With Nerf Gun

5 Most Dangerous Children’s Toys Ever Made

5. Creepy Crawlers Introduced in 1964, Creepy Crawlers was a toy that caused many young children to scream. In order to make a “Creepy Crawler”, a child would squirt a liquid substance known as “Plastigoop” into metal molds resembling various bug-like creatures and then proceed to heat up the mold in an open electric hot […]

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Handmade Prison Weapons

5 Deadliest Handmade Prison Weapons

5. Spear Spears have been used throughout history as a hunting tool and as a weapon. They are lightweight and span several feet long, which provides a deadly reach advantage. Spears are popular choices among prisoners due to how easy they are to create as all that is required is a handle which can be […]

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Human Tail

5 Most Shocking Genetic Mutations In Humans

5. Cyclops Baby There have been very few recorded cases of babies born with one eye, an extremely rare genetic defect known as “cyclopia”. Typically, babies born with this disorder have one eye in the centre of the forehead, no nose and a brain that fuses into a single hemisphere as opposed to dividing. In […]

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5 Biggest Lies Parents Tell Their Children

5. If You Go Outside With Wet Hair You Will Catch A Cold Have you ever rushed outside, fresh out the shower, only to be stopped by your mother or father who says to you, “If you go outside with wet hair, you will catch a cold!” According to a survey conducted by The Journal […]

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5 Extremely Shocking Body Modifications

5 Extremely Shocking Body Modifications

5. Labret Spacer Labret piercings were actually quite a common form of body art, however, not so much nowadays. But what wasn’t common was labret spacers. A labret spacer is basically when you stretch the skin beneath your lip so wide that you are able to place a hollow spacer into the hole, thus fully […]

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5 Worst Punishments From Parents Ever

Most parents would ground their children for misbehaving but how about organising a kidnapping?   5. Parents Force Their Child To Wear Diapers When a 12-year-old girl was performing poorly in school, the parents of the girl sought out to embarrass the 12-year-old by shaving her head and forcing her to run back and forth […]

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