Fact5 Wrestling – 10 Amazon Gift Cards Giveaway!

Fact5 Wrestling – x10 Amazon Gift Cards Giveaway

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Fact5 – 10 Amazon Gift Cards Giveaway!

Fact5 – x10 Amazon Gift Cards Giveaway

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Can You Recognise The Body Part From Close Up?

1. Looks like part of a scrotum. Is it a scrotum though? Do you want it to be a scrotum? Should I stop going on about scrotums? If you answered the palm of your hand, then you are correct! Well done!   2. How about this image? Not the clearest of images I know but […]

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Red or Pink?

Do You See Colour like Everyone Else? (Colorblind Test)

In these next few examples, I am going to show you a series of different colours and I want you to tell me what colour you see out of the two choices I will give you. But first, have you ever wondered why humans see different colours? The answer quite frankly is to do with […]

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Retail Customer Horror Stories That Will Leave You Speechless

For those of you who work in retail, you will probably understand the neediness and sometimes impatient needs of customers. Some might be nice whilst others might just be plain rude. The stories of these people working in retail might just make you happy if you don’t have a job in retail. “I used to […]

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Cheating Ex

Funny Ways People Got Revenge On Their Cheating Exes

“My husband cheated on me so I rubbed his underwear in Poison Ivy to make him think he has herpes.” I guess that rubbed him up the wrong way. “I got caught by my ex boyfriend’s mom slashing his couch with a knife. When I told her he cheated she said, “slash his tyres too.”” […]

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