During a recent episode of “The Steve Austin Show” where he reviewed Backlash 2018, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin gave his thoughts on the main event between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe.


After reviewing the notable bland crowd reaction and fans actually leaving the show before the match started, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin admitted that now is the time to turn Roman Reigns heel!


He said the following statement via Fightful.com:

“”So what do you do with Roman Reigns at this point?,”

“For him to have the biggest run … you’ve got to turn him heel, and he’s got to perform and let loose. He needs to be aggressive and go out there: ‘This is what you wanted; this is what you get. I don’t need your damn support.’ He needs to bring a mean streak and go on a total heel run.”


As intriguing and equitable as this might sound, WWE still do not have any plans to turn their biggest babyface into a mean heel character.


It’s a shame really because turning Roman Reigns heel could possibly make him one the company’s biggest ever heels considering the amount of boos he gets as the company’s biggest babyface.