Fact of the Day #41

5 Facts of the Day #41

1. Steven Hawking once threw a party for time-travellers on June 28th 2009 but he only announced the party the next day. No one showed up. 2. An Indian thief was force-fed 48 bananas after being caught stealing a gold chain. Police ordered in the 48-piece basket and waited until the criminal could excrete the […]

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5 Facts of the Day #26

  1. The most popular item in Walmart is bananas. They sell more bananas than any other single item they have in stock.   2. In 2014, a missing woman on vacation in Iceland was found when it was discovered that she was in the search party looking for herself.   3. Samuel L. Jackson has […]

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Facts of the Day #21

5 Facts of the Day #21

1. Bananas are a type of berry.   2. Some birds, such as falcons mate while in mid-air. 3. China legally owns almost every panda in the world.       4. Napoleon was attacked by a horde of bunnies while hunting.   5. The 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson had […]

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