Jurassic World Green-Screen

5 Movies Before And After VFX

Warning: If you have not seen the movies in this list, there may be spoilers.   5. Life Of Pi The Life of Pi is a story of friendship and perseverance, following the footsteps of a young Indian male by the name of Pi Patel, who is cast adrift in the Pacific Ocean on a […]

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5 WWE Wrestlers Who Got Injured Right Before WrestleMania

5. Luke Harper Luke Harper’s first WrestleMania match (WrestleMania 31) was a match to remember with Harper competing in a seven-man ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship. Although he didn’t win the match, he did have one of those OMG show-stealing moments where he powerbombed Dean Ambrose from the ring to the outside through a […]

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5 Crazy Rituals WWE Wrestlers Do Before Matches

5. Abnormal Exercises – Cesaro Most wrestlers would usually warm up before a match by doing a couple of push-ups, sit-ups and squats. But this is Cesaro we’re talking about, The Swiss Superman, one of the strongest wrestlers in the WWE today. Regular push-ups don’t cut it for The Swiss Superman, so instead he does […]

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Photos Taken Before Death

5 Photos Taken Before Disaster

A photo is used to capture memories, however, these memories could be your last…   5. Jet Ski Over Niagara Falls On October 1st 1995, 39-year-old, Robert Overacker attempted to Jet Ski off Niagara Falls in a stunt to raise awareness for the homeless. Overacker’s jet ski was decorated with stickers that read “Save the […]

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Vladimir Koslov Ripped

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Look Better Than They Did Before

5. Vince McMahon Currently at 71 years of age, the CEO of WWE Vince McMahon, has quite the physique especially taking into consideration his age! In fact, he has posed shirtless for Muscle and Fitness with a large chain around his neck. In the magazine, Vince reveals that he works out four days a week […]

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Reeva Steenkamp

5 Famous Last Tweets Before Death

5. Dan Wheldon Dan Wheldon was a British racing car driver who won the 2005 Indy Racing League IndyCar Series champion, and a two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500. On October 16, 2011 during the IZOD IndyCar World Championship at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Dan Wheldon was getting prepared for his race for a $5,000,000 stake! […]

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