Can You Solve The Cluedo Murder Riddle?

Five guests, Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlett, Reverend Green, Professor Plum and Mrs Peacock, were all invited to an exclusive party at Dr Black’s Mansion. However, during the long, dark night, the owner of the spectacular mansion, Dr Black, was found dead in his office. The trouble is, every member of the party went into his […]

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Man Using Bra Gas Mask

5 Everyday Objects That Can Save Your Life

5. Soda Can A soda can whether it’s empty or full can actually be used to save your life so it’s not as bad as the media makes it out to be. A full can of soda can be shaken up and thrown in an attacker’s face as a distraction to buy you some more […]

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Everyday Objects That You Can Turn Into Weapons

5 Everyday Objects That You Can Turn Into Weapons

This list is for educative purposes only. Please do not try any of this at home! Your home is full of everyday items like pots, pans and knives that, of course, can be used as a weapon if an intruder was to break in. However, the items featured in this list are a little more […]

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Can You Recognise The Body Part From Close Up?

1. Looks like part of a scrotum. Is it a scrotum though? Do you want it to be a scrotum? Should I stop going on about scrotums? If you answered the palm of your hand, then you are correct! Well done!   2. How about this image? Not the clearest of images I know but […]

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5 Animals That Can Talk To Humans

5. Mishka The Husky Mishka, whose name translates as “Teddy Bear” in Russian, fun-fact, is a lovable Siberian Husky who became an internet sensation back in 2008 when a video was posted of her saying “I love you”. The video has racked up a staggering 100 million views since its release and Mishka went on […]

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