Brock Lesnar SummerSlam 2018 Opponent Revealed

Brock Lesnar’s Next Opponent Revealed?

As we know, Brock Lesnar has certain privileges when it comes to the WWE, so he only works on a part time schedule. There has already been many speculations to who his next opponent might be… Lesnar has already defended his Universal Championship twice against Roman Reigns, one at WrestleMania 34 and another at The […]

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Animal Riddles With Answers

5 Animal Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind

5. Horse Tied To Rope A horse is tied to a 15-foot rope and there is a bale of hay 25 feet away from him. The horse however is still able to eat from the hay. How is this possible?   Answer: The rope wasn’t tied to anything.   4. How Many Penguins Went Swimming By? […]

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5 Science Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind

5. Drinking Underage While his parents were away, a teenage boy and his friends drank some of his parents’ gin. After they had finished drinking, the teenage boy went into the kitchen and poured water into the gin bottle to return it to the level to where it had originally been. They then put the […]

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Murderous Clown With Knife

5 Clown Murder Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind

5. Chopped Or Strangled You are walking the streets at night when you come across a clown. He tells you the following riddle: “If you tell the truth, I will strangle you. If you tell a lie, I will chop of your head.” How do you get out of this situation?   Answer: You have to […]

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Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind

5 Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind

5. Father and Son Crash Riddle A father and his son were travelling in their car when suddenly they crashed. The father was killed, however, the son survived but was badly injured. He was rushed to hospital where he required surgery, however, when the doctor came in, the doctor said, “I can’t operate on him, he’s […]

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