Fact Of The Day #45

5 Facts of the Day #45

1. In Ancient Rome, the punishment for killing one’s father (patricide) was the death penalty, which was being sewn up in a leather sack along with a viper, a monkey, a dog and a cock and then thrown into water. 2. Jaguars have such powerful jaws that they kill their prey by biting into the […]

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iTunes Apple Nuclear Weapons Fact - Fact5

5 Facts of the Day #40

  1. If you use iTunes, you have already agreed not to use Apple products to create nuclear weapons.   2. There’s a Nikola Tesla statue that radiates Free Wi-Fi in Silicon Valley.   3. The city of Guangzhou, China is also known as the Chocolate City due to its increasingly population of 20,000 Africans. […]

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Facts Of The Day #37

5 Facts of the Day #37

1. Both Nicholas Cage and Michael Jackson have shared the same wife, Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. 2. The dark region in Pluto’s moon, Charon, is called “Mordor”. 3. Eight of the ten largest statues in the World are of Buddhas. 4. It is theoretically possible to dig a hole to China if you […]

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5 Facts of the Day #30

  1. Colonel Sanders got fired from dozens of jobs including being a lawyer. He found himself broke at the age of 65, and he decided to start KFC.   2. Oysters are able to change their gender at will. They use this trick during mating to become whichever gender is optimal.   3. “Kung […]

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5 Facts of the Day #24

1. The leg bones of a bat are so thin that no bat can walk.   2. Nutmeg is extremely poisonous if injected intravenously.   3. According to Chinese acupuncture, there is a point on the head that you can press to control your appetite. It is located in the hollow just in front of […]

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Facts of the Day #21

5 Facts of the Day #21

1. Bananas are a type of berry.   2. Some birds, such as falcons mate while in mid-air. 3. China legally owns almost every panda in the world.       4. Napoleon was attacked by a horde of bunnies while hunting.   5. The 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson had […]

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5 Facts of the Day #18

1. There are more English speakers in China than in the United States.   2. Soviet tenor, Victor Ivanovich Nikitin, had such a captivating voice that as he sung to his Soviet comrades, the German troops on the Eastern Front during WW2 stopped their fire to listen to him.   3. Aeschylus, a Greek tragedy […]

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5 Facts of the Day #10

1. It is considered good luck in Japan when a sumo wrestler makes your baby cry.   2. Neil Armstrong had to go through U.S. Customs after returning from the Moon.     3. A U.S. dollar bill can be folded approximately 4,000 times in the same place before it will tear.   4. In Beijing China, a […]

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