Eric Smith Most Dangerous Kid In The World

5 Most Dangerous Kids In The World

5. Eric Smith Eric Smith was just 13-years old when he committed murder. On the 2nd of August, 1993, Eric Smith was riding his bike to a summer camp when he noticed 4-year old Derrick Robie walking alone to that same summer camp. He approached Robie and lured him into the woods. Smith strangled Robie, […]

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Murderous Clown With Knife

5 Clown Murder Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind

5. Chopped Or Strangled You are walking the streets at night when you come across a clown. He tells you the following riddle: “If you tell the truth, I will strangle you. If you tell a lie, I will chop of your head.” How do you get out of this situation?   Answer: You have to […]

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Photos Taken Before Death

5 Photos Taken Before Disaster

A photo is used to capture memories, however, these memories could be your last…   5. Jet Ski Over Niagara Falls On October 1st 1995, 39-year-old, Robert Overacker attempted to Jet Ski off Niagara Falls in a stunt to raise awareness for the homeless. Overacker’s jet ski was decorated with stickers that read “Save the […]

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5 Bizarre Objects Made From Human Skulls

5 Bizarre Objects Made From Human Skulls

5. Lyre Do you play any music instruments? Fancy playing a lyre? A lyre is a stringed instrument like a small U-shaped harp with strings fixed to a crossbar. However, the lyre was made in the central African culture in a completely different way. In fact, it was made using a human skull. The grisly […]

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5 Disturbing Cases Of Cannibalism

“I like children, they are tasty”, was the disturbing words of the Gray Man, Albert Fish.   5. Rudy Eugene The case of Rudy Eugene is certainly disturbing to say the least and was caught live on a security camera. On the 26th May 2012, a 31-year-old by the name of Rudy Eugene, who was […]

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5 Places That You Are Not Allowed To Visit

5. North Sentinel Island Located in the Bay of Bengal, the North Sentinel Island is part of the Andaman Islands and is inhabited by a small, indigenous tribe known as the Sentinelese who have kept themselves aloof from the outside world. Attempts to establish contact from outsiders have been met with arrows and stones and […]

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5 Disgusting Stories Of Semen Attacks

Number 5 – Semen Robbery In Port Elizabeth, South Africa, a 33-year-old man was kidnapped by three unidentified women and instead of the usual demands for money, the women urged the man for his semen. After being held at gunpoint in broad daylight, the 33-year-old victim was forced into the back of a BMW where he […]

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5 People Who Rose From The Dead

5. Tony Yahle Ohio diesel mechanic, Tony Yahle, made news headlines after he essentially ‘resurrected’ from the dead. Yahle was rushed to hospital on the morning of the 4th August 2013 after his wife noticed that his breathing sounded strange. He remained stable for several hours until later in the afternoon when his heart suddenly stopped […]

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5 People Who Got Away With Murder

5. Isaac Turnbaugh In 2002 Declon Lyons was found dead outside the pizza restaurant where he worked with a gaping bullet wound to the head. The attack was completely unprovoked and officers were confused to why someone would want to kill Lyons. A month after the incident, Declon’s co-worker, Issac Turnbaugh, was taking magic mushrooms at […]

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5 Most Cruel Wives

5. Betty Neumar 76-year-old, Betty Neumar planned to buy her grandson a $100,000 life insurance policy. She was suspected to have murdered four of her five husbands throughout her lifetime. Betty was convicted in 2008 with three counts of solicitation to commit first-degree murder in the death of her fourth husband, Harold Gentry who was […]

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