5 Crazy Rituals WWE Wrestlers Do Before Matches

5. Abnormal Exercises – Cesaro Most wrestlers would usually warm up before a match by doing a couple of push-ups, sit-ups and squats. But this is Cesaro we’re talking about, The Swiss Superman, one of the strongest wrestlers in the WWE today. Regular push-ups don’t cut it for The Swiss Superman, so instead he does […]

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Red or Pink?

Do You See Colour like Everyone Else? (Colorblind Test)

In these next few examples, I am going to show you a series of different colours and I want you to tell me what colour you see out of the two choices I will give you. But first, have you ever wondered why humans see different colours? The answer quite frankly is to do with […]

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What Political Party Do WWE Superstars Support?

Vince McMahon Supports: Republican Party Vince McMahon is a supporter of the Republican Party and has donated millions of dollars to various Republican Party causes. His wife, Linda McMahon ran as a Republican candidate twice in 2009 and 2012, however, lost both campaigns.   Kane Supports: Libertarian Party Glenn Jacobs better known by the ring name, […]

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