Facts of the Day #47

5 Facts of the Day #47

1. Peanuts are not actually nuts but legumes. 2. At the height of Rin Tin Tin’s fame, a chef prepared him a daily steak lunch and classical musicians played to aid his digestion. 3. If you start counting at one and spell out the numbers as you go, you won’t use the letter “A” until […]

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5 Facts of the Day #42

1. When Menelik II, emperor of Ethiopia, felt unwell, he would eat a few pages of the Bible.   2. Paris, France, was the first western capital to have a mayor of African descent in 1879.   3. The “Fi” in “WiFi” doesn’t mean anything. The creators just called it that because it rhymed with […]

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Facts of the Day #23

5 Facts of the Day #23

1. A teaspoon of a neutron star weighs more than everyone on Earth combined.   2. Armadillos almost always gives birth to Quadruplets.   3. Three guys tried to sell Coca Cola’s secrets to Pepsi but Pepsi contacted the FBI and the three guys were arrested.   4. Pizza Hut fired a delivery driver who […]

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5 Facts of the Day #14

1. Cape Grim in Tasmania is said to have the cleanest air quality in the world.   2. The Golden Poison Dart Frog’s skin has enough toxins to kill 100 people.   3. 68% of the universe is dark energy, and 27% is dark matter; both are invisible, even with our powerful telescopes. This means […]

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Facts of the Day #13

5 Facts of the Day #13

1. The Code in “The Matrix” film is lots of sushi recipes.   2. Muhammad Ali is the only person whose Hollywood Walk of Fame Star is hanging on a wall because he did not want to be walked on by people who have no respect for him. 3. Some of the sound effects for […]

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5 Crimes Caught On Google Earth

5. Marijuana Farm 50-year-old, Curtis W. Croft was bragging about the marijuana that he was growing on his farm in Oregon. Croft was registered to grow marijuana for medical purposes for up to five people meaning he could grow 30 marijuana plants at 6 plants per patient. However, after police inspected Croft’s property using Google […]

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