5 Most Popular Video Games (2017/2018)

NOTE: 5 Most Popular Video Games 2017/2018 is based on the highest peak concurrent players. This means the highest number of players playing the game at a single time.   5. Dota 2 Dota 2 is a free to play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) developed and published by Valve Corporation. The game starts with […]

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Jurassic World Green-Screen

5 Movies Before And After VFX

Warning: If you have not seen the movies in this list, there may be spoilers.   5. Life Of Pi The Life of Pi is a story of friendship and perseverance, following the footsteps of a young Indian male by the name of Pi Patel, who is cast adrift in the Pacific Ocean on a […]

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Can You Solve The Cluedo Murder Riddle?

Five guests, Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlett, Reverend Green, Professor Plum and Mrs Peacock, were all invited to an exclusive party at Dr Black’s Mansion. However, during the long, dark night, the owner of the spectacular mansion, Dr Black, was found dead in his office. The trouble is, every member of the party went into his […]

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Hardest Prison Riddle Ever Challenge With Answer

Apparently 98% Of People Can Solve These Riddles

5. Wet Hair Riddle Brian was out on his usual daily walk when it started to rain. Unfortunately, he did not take an umbrella with him nor did he have any headwear. He was soaked from head to toe as a result but not a single hair on his head got wet. How is this […]

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Dr No Monkey

5 Times Filmmakers Almost Ruined Their Movies

Warning: Spoilers.   5. Deadpool Not Forgetting His Guns Who remembers this memorable scene when Deadpool accidentally leaves his duffel bag full of guns in Dopinder’s taxi on his way to the final battle? Now, imagine that this was never supposed to happen in the first place. In fact, the original plan for the film’s […]

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Animal Riddles With Answers

5 Animal Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind

5. Horse Tied To Rope A horse is tied to a 15-foot rope and there is a bale of hay 25 feet away from him. The horse however is still able to eat from the hay. How is this possible?   Answer: The rope wasn’t tied to anything.   4. How Many Penguins Went Swimming By? […]

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5 Science Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind

5. Drinking Underage While his parents were away, a teenage boy and his friends drank some of his parents’ gin. After they had finished drinking, the teenage boy went into the kitchen and poured water into the gin bottle to return it to the level to where it had originally been. They then put the […]

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Mass Effect Sex Scene

5 Banned Video Games

5. Mass Effect Series The original Mass Effect game was banned in Singapore due to a love scene that can occur between a female human (if the player has chosen a female main character) and an alien “woman.” During the scene, Shepard and Liara can be seen kissing on top of one another in bed. […]

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Riddles That Will Mess With Your Mind

The riddles that I am going to present to you will surely mess with your mind and will leave you questioning your intelligence. So in order to prepare yourselves, here are some quick riddles to get you in the mood.   You would have most likely have seen this from the thumbnail but I thought […]

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Obama Martial Arts

5 Celebrities Who Know Martial Arts

I just want to point out that we decided to stray away from the obvious choices such as Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan as we wanted to include celebrities that you might be surprised know martial arts. So without further ado, here are 5 Celebrities Who Know Martial Arts.   5. Robert Downey […]

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