5 Facts of the Day #46

1. In 2004, Marvel Comics launched Spider Man India where Peter Parker was called Pavitr Prabhakar, Mary Jane was called Meera Jain, and Aunt May was called Auntie Maya.   2. The first webcam watched a coffee pot. It allowed researchers at Cambridge to monitor the coffee situation without leaving their desks.   3. An […]

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Fact of the Day #41

5 Facts of the Day #41

1. Steven Hawking once threw a party for time-travellers on June 28th 2009 but he only announced the party the next day. No one showed up. 2. An Indian thief was force-fed 48 bananas after being caught stealing a gold chain. Police ordered in the 48-piece basket and waited until the criminal could excrete the […]

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Facts of the Day #23

5 Facts of the Day #23

1. A teaspoon of a neutron star weighs more than everyone on Earth combined.   2. Armadillos almost always gives birth to Quadruplets.   3. Three guys tried to sell Coca Cola’s secrets to Pepsi but Pepsi contacted the FBI and the three guys were arrested.   4. Pizza Hut fired a delivery driver who […]

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