John Cena Thinks This WWE Superstar Will Be The Next Big Thing

Who Does John Cena Think Will Be The Next Big Superstar?

In Megacon in Orlando, Florida, John Cena took part in a Q&A where he was asked who he thought would be the future of the WWE.   John Cena’s answer you might ask? Well, Cena put over The Velveteen Dream, stating that he has his eye on him and can see big things for him […]

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Corey Graves Has “Beef” With Big E

Corey Graves apparently has “beef” with Big E after he suffered a “debilitating injury” (his words not mine) on last Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live. Before Big E went one-on-one with The Miz, he tossed his ring jacket in the direction of Corey Graves, causing the tip of Graves’ pencil to lodge in his palm. […]

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Former WWE Superstar Making Impact! Wrestling Debut

“Can you handle this” news? Former WWE wrestler and Cruiserweight Champion, Rich Swann has signed a contract with Impact! wrestling and is set to make his debut on the June 1st and June 2nd tapings in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Swann found some success in the WWE Cruiserweight Division, winning the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Swann was […]

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Nip Slips WWE

5 Nip Slips That Happened Live In WWE

You never know what could could go wrong in WWE and these 5 embarrassing nip slips show just that.   5. Brie Bella’s Nip Slip During a MizTV segment promoting the reality TV show, Total Divas on an episode of RAW in 2013, I think we all experienced what was “Brie Mode”. In the closing […]

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Spacecraft Explosion Caught On Camera

5 Disturbing Spacecraft Explosions Caught On Camera

5. Soyuz-T-10-1 Launch Pad Fire On 26th September 1983, two Soviet cosmonauts by the names of Vladimir Titov and Gennadi Strekalov were on-board a Soyuz-T spacecraft on a mission to visit Salyut 7 space station. However, things did not go accordingly prior to lift-off. As the Soyuz-T spacecraft was preparing for launch, it suddenly caught […]

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5 Assassinations Caught On Camera

5. Alexander I of Yugoslavia Alexander I Yugoslavia was the King of Yugoslavia from 1921 up until his death in 1934 and was the successor of his father, Peter I of Serbia. On the 9th October 1934, Alexander was being driven through the streets of Marseille, France alongside the French foreign minister, Louis Barthou. A gunman, […]

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