Nip Slips WWE

5 Nip Slips That Happened Live In WWE

You never know what could could go wrong in WWE and these 5 embarrassing nip slips show just that.   5. Brie Bella’s Nip Slip During a MizTV segment promoting the reality TV show, Total Divas on an episode of RAW in 2013, I think we all experienced what was “Brie Mode”. In the closing […]

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5 Most Embarrassing Moments In WWE History

There have been lots of embarrassing moments throughout the WWE such as the moment when John Cena spat out his words or even the time when Santino Marella won the 25-Diva battle royal… sorry, Women’s battle royal, as that certain word I wrote earlier as you know isn’t used anymore, back at WrestleMania XXV (25) to […]

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