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5 WWE Wrestlers Who Have Made It Big In Hollywood

5. Ronda Rousey As one of or arguably the WWE’s biggest ever signing, Ronda Rousey is also making her name known in Hollywood.   We already know Rousey can fight, wrestle, run and now act…   Ronda Rousey has already made small appearances in Hollywood Blockbuster movies such as: The Expendables 3, Fast & Furious […]

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Rusev Asks For WWE Release 2017

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Are Unhappy With Their Position In The Company

5. Nia Jax When Nia Jax first debuted on Monday Night Raw, she was this dominant and destructive force in the women’s division taking out superstars such as: Alicia Fox, Bayley and Sasha Banks. With her character slowly developing, Nia Jax was then booked into a storyline involving the Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss which saw […]

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Kevin Owens Headbutt Vince McMahon Video Blood

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Assaulted Vince McMahon In The Ring

5. Shawn Michaels Back in 1998, Shawn Michaels was put as the WWF Commissioner, a portrayed match maker and rules enforcer, eventually joining Vince McMahon’s group of wrestlers called The Corporation as a villain. However, in a segment on Raw is War, Vince McMahon explained his dissatisfaction with Shawn Michaels as Commissioner and even went […]

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John Cena Buries Roman Reigns On The Mic

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Took Their Promo Too Far

5. Roman Reigns/John Cena In a recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Roman Reigns came face to face with John Cena in the ring and the two were involved in a heated verbal exchange. If you watched the whole segment and not the edited out version on the WWE YouTube channel, then you’ll know that […]

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Baron Corbin Massive Heat Backstage Loses Money In The Bank Contract

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Failed To Cash In Their Money In The Bank Contract

5. Mr Kennedy At WrestleMania 23, Mr Kennedy became Mr Money in the Bank when he won the Money in the Bank ladder match. Mr Kennedy was given the go ahead by WWE officials to take the title off The Undertaker by cashing in his Money in the Bank contract as The Undertaker was injured […]

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Scott Hall Tweets Sexually To Paige To Bend Over

5 Strangest Confessions Made By WWE Wrestlers

5. Jericho Kissing The Undertaker Upon launch of Chris Jericho’s highly successful podcast, Talk is Jericho, Y2J started his podcast with a bang when he revealed to his guest at the time which was Stone Cold Steve Austin how he tried to kiss The Undertaker. While on the topic of The Undertaker, Jericho revealed that […]

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5 WWE Wrestlers Who Betrayed Their Partner

5. Shawn Michaels Shawn Michaels first came to light in the WWE as a tag team wrestler alongside Marty Jannetty. The two of them grew up in the wrestling industry together and fought under the tag team known as The Rockers. In a scene that featured a barber shop, Jannetty pleaded with Michaels to keep […]

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5 WWE Wrestlers Who Had An Affair

5. Melina Melina worked for the WWE from 2004 to 2011 and was one of the most hated women during her stay in the company. She was reported to have been self-righteous and several women backstage took issue with her attitude as she often thought she deserved a lot more than she was given. She […]

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Randy Orton Military

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Were In The Military

5. Sgt. Slaughter When you think of Sgt. Slaughter you think of a loud-mouthed, tough-as-nails Marine drill sergeant who would sure kick your ass if you disobeyed his orders. Funnily enough, that was exactly what he was before he pursued a career as a professional wrestler. After graduating from high school, Sgt. Slaughter joined the […]

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5 ECW Wrestlers Who Took Blading Too Far

5. Steve Corino Back in the days of ECW, Steve Corino (who now works in the WWE as a guest trainer at the WWE Performance Centre) competed in ECW in the late 90s. He debuted in the company in 1998 as a heel manager. He was known in ECW by his “King of Old School” […]

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