What Political Party Do WWE Superstars Support?

Vince McMahon Supports: Republican Party Vince McMahon is a supporter of the Republican Party and has donated millions of dollars to various Republican Party causes. His wife, Linda McMahon ran as a Republican candidate twice in 2009 and 2012, however, lost both campaigns.   Kane Supports: Libertarian Party Glenn Jacobs better known by the ring name, […]

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5 Funniest Donald Trump-Inspired Products

5. Donald Trump Toilet Seat If Donald Trump doesn’t secure a seat in the White House, at least there will be a seat for him in the bathroom. A bathroom fixture company in Shenzhen South China, known as Shenzhen Trump Industries, have actually created a Trump toilet seat, however, not just any old toilet seat […]

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5 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump

He is a Republican, American business magnate, founder of the Trump organisation and a billionaire. You may recognise him for his controversial anti-immigrant politics and his constant desire to sue people but nevertheless here are 5 crazy things you didn’t know about Donald Trump.    5. He is a Germophobe and a Teetotaler This may […]

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