What Political Party Do WWE Superstars Support?

Vince McMahon Supports: Republican Party Vince McMahon is a supporter of the Republican Party and has donated millions of dollars to various Republican Party causes. His wife, Linda McMahon ran as a Republican candidate twice in 2009 and 2012, however, lost both campaigns.   Kane Supports: Libertarian Party Glenn Jacobs better known by the ring name, […]

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5 People Who DIED Doing What They Loved Most

5 People Who Died Doing What They Loved Most

5. Alex Lowe Alex Lowe was a well-renowned American mountaineer. He climbed several peaks in North America and Asia and was well regarded by his peers. In 1995, Lowe received the American Alpine Club’s Underhill Award for outstanding mountaineering achievement, the highest honour in U.S. mountaineering. However, in September 1999, Lowe, Anker and David Bridges travelled […]

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