5 Most Shocking World Cup Moments Of All Time

5. 7-1 7-1 is all you need to say to remind Brazilian football fans of their 7-1 humiliation against Germany on home soil in the semi-finals of the 2014 World Cup. As Brazilian football legend, Pele would say, football is “The Beautiful Game” but for the Brazilians it was far from it. The Brazilian national […]

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5 Facts of the Day #44

1. A report found that the free weights at the gym have 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.   2. Amazon’s largest warehouse is the size of 17 American football fields.   3. In 4 of the 5 largest cities in the U.S., it’s cheaper to rely on Uber than to own a […]

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Titus O’Neil Believes He Will Be WWE Champion Someday

In an interview with The Calgary Sun, WWE Superstar and leader of Titus Worldwide, Titus O’Neil, was asked about his goals and why he believes he can become a world champion in WWE. This is what he had to say: “I’ve always had goals to be as successful as possible in multiple areas of my […]

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Fact of the Day #39

5 Facts of the Day #39

1. Barack Obama has won more Grammy awards than Katy Perry and One Direction. 2. Nintendo was created before the fall of the Ottoman Empire. 3. If Walmart was a Country, it would be ranked as 19th most powerful due to its economic status. 4. During World War 2, the winner of the Tour de […]

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CM Punk

Is CM Punk Wrestling Again?

Is CM Punk making a return to professional wrestling? A few years back, CM Punk walked out of the WWE primarily due to health reasons and has since delved into the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, which has been very tough for him. There have been many rumours surrounding CM Punk making an appearance at […]

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Facts of the Day #13

5 Facts of the Day #13

1. The Code in “The Matrix” film is lots of sushi recipes.   2. Muhammad Ali is the only person whose Hollywood Walk of Fame Star is hanging on a wall because he did not want to be walked on by people who have no respect for him. 3. Some of the sound effects for […]

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Dog Bark Park Inn Hotel

5 Most Unusual Hotels In The World

5. The Dog Bark Park Inn The Dog Bark Park Inn located in Idaho, USA is a hotel that is built in the shape of a giant Beagle. So, if you are a fan of dogs then this is the place for you! The hotel is run by chainsaw artists, Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin […]

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Most Dangerous Roads

5 Most Dangerous Roads In The World

5. Highway 1, Afghanistan Highway 1, also known as “A01” or “Ring Road” is a road network that connects many of the major cities in Afghanistan but it is the Kabul-Jalalabad highway, running between the country’s capital, Kabul and Jalalabad that is the most dangerous. What’s dangerous about this stretch of road is that it […]

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Eric Smith Most Dangerous Kid In The World

5 Most Dangerous Kids In The World

5. Eric Smith Eric Smith was just 13-years old when he committed murder. On the 2nd of August, 1993, Eric Smith was riding his bike to a summer camp when he noticed 4-year old Derrick Robie walking alone to that same summer camp. He approached Robie and lured him into the woods. Smith strangled Robie, […]

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5 WWE Wrestlers With World Records

These are world records that have been achieved by WWE superstars past and present that are on the official Guinness World Records website.   5. Most WWE THQ Superstar Challenge Titles (Shelton Benjamin) Shelton Benjamin actually has an official Guinness World Record for having the highest number of wins in the WWE THQ Superstar Challenge […]

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