Wrestlers Who Are Being Mis-Used

5 Current WWE Wrestlers Who Are Being Mis-Used

An honourable mention goes out to Asuka, who has not been the same following her loss to Charlotte at WrestleMania 34. 5. Shelton Benjamin When news spread of Shelton Benjamin returning to the WWE, we were all hyped. But, an unfortunate shoulder injury right after his announced return kept Benjamin out for over a year, […]

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5 New WWE Gimmicks That Are Working Out Great

Please note that these are recent gimmick changes that have occurred in the last few months or so.   5. Lio Rush The 23-year-old piece of gold or The Man of the Hour, Lio Rush, has been making a name for himself over on the purple brand. But, before his arrival to the Cruiserweight Division, […]

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WWE Champion Pleaded Guilty For Driving While Impaired

SmackDown’s current WWE United States Champion, Jeff Hardy pleaded guilty Monday to his charge of driving while impaired.   Hardy had his license suspended for 120 days and was fined $300 for court costs after his vehicle struck a guardrail on the highway back in March.   He will also be required to complete an […]

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CM Punk

CM Punk “Done” With Professional Wrestling

In an interview with TSN reporter, Aaron Bronsteter, CM Punk was asked whether he was interested in a wrestling return and his reply was, “I’m done, I’m done, I’m done with professional wrestling.” This is what the former five-time WWE world champion had to say: “I said a bunch of stuff about wrestling, about how […]

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Saudi Price Threatened By Terrorists Over WWE Event

Saudi Prince Threatened By Extremist Group Al-Qaeda Over WWE Event

According to the Independent, extremist group Al-Qaeda sent a warning to Saudi Arabia’s prince, Mohammad bin Salman for letting WWE compete in his country, Saudi Arabia.   Al-Qaeda referred to the prince’s efforts to liberalise Saudi Arabia as “sinful projects”.   The group went on to say that they condemn the prince for western “absurdities” […]

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John Cena Thinks This WWE Superstar Will Be The Next Big Thing

Who Does John Cena Think Will Be The Next Big Superstar?

In Megacon in Orlando, Florida, John Cena took part in a Q&A where he was asked who he thought would be the future of the WWE.   John Cena’s answer you might ask? Well, Cena put over The Velveteen Dream, stating that he has his eye on him and can see big things for him […]

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Seth Rollins Says The Undertaker Should Retire

Seth Rollins Believes That The Undertaker Should Retire

In a quick 60 second Q&A with GiveMeSport, Seth Rollins revealed that The Undertaker should retire.   When asked if Taker should retire, Rollins simply replied: “Yes.”   Other questions included:   Favourite Movie? “Fight Club”   Best WrestleMania match ever? “Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bret Hart (WrestleMania 13)”   Favourite TV show? “Game […]

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Jason Jordan Returning To Raw Next Week

WWE Raw Superstar Returning Next Week

As we know, WWE Raw superstar or Kurt Angle’s “son” Jason Jordan has been out of action for four months due to a neck injury.   Jordan underwent successful surgery to decompress a nerve in his neck but this came at a cost, as he missed out on the chance at performing on the grandest […]

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Kurt Angle On Dean Ambrose Returning

In a recent Facebook Q&A, Kurt Angle was asked questions such as: If The Undertaker would wrestle again? Who he thinks would win Money in the Bank?   And the one question he says he gets a lot… when is Dean Ambrose returning?   One Facebook user asked Kurt Angle: “How Dean Ambrose is doing and if […]

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Randy Orton Out Of Action For 2 Months

WWE.com announced the news yesterday that 13-time World Champion, Randy Orton underwent successful knee surgery to repair a medial meniscus tear in his left knee.   Orton revealed to WWE.com that he’s needed the knee surgery since late last year, however, he’s been holding the surgery off until an appropriate time.   “I’ve known I […]

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